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This house can finally breathe and the yard will finally get some sunlight after 4 trees were removed from this area.


One of our biggest oak removals last year. Each of those 2 logs weigh right around 7000 lbs apiece


This particular job involved some very strategic rigging to avoid further damage to the house. We had to figure out a way to keep that section of the trunk on the roof while we safely landed the majority of the tree on the ground Then we safely removed the remaining section you see here from the roof, preventing any further damage to the home


Sometimes you run into some unexpected things inside a tree that aren't much fun to deal with. In this case it was concrete inside this huge base of the tree.


Domenic does what it takes to get the job done.


This is what it looks like after a professional fells a tree. This is a tree that is Cut-Rite!


Removed a big oak tree in a tight spot in an East Haven back yard.


Just another day at the office


Another victim to bad weather. This is a Huge uprooted base.


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Our crew is big and strong

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Getting the job done, no matter what


This unlucky homeowner in Guilford had these 2 trees fall on the house as well as 4 others on the property after tropical storm Irene.

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Stump Grinder in Action

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Monster Stump Cut


Monster Stump Cut

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